Recent episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles w/Terrance Howard
MTV greenlights (12 Episodes) horror series Death Valley, about an Undead Task Force

MTV is staying in the horror game with a new scripted series called "Death Valley", which follows the channel's streak of
diving into the scary stuff; the channel also has MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 2, SAVAGE COUNTY and "Teen Wolf" on
the docket. (Okay, I know none of those is likely to be the least bit scary, but just play along, eh?)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Death Valley" - which will be shot in the ever-popular faux-documentary style - follows
the Undead Task Force, which battles zombies, vampires and werewolves that have overrun the San Fernando Valley.
Roberto just booked "Death Valley" as the Head of the vampires! Series will air in the fall of 2011
Stills from the stage production of "Born Yesterday!
APRIL 2011
APRIL 2011
APRIL 2011
On the set of Mike Ott's "Teenage Wasteland"!  MAY 2011
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SYNOPSIS: A teenage identical twin living in a machismo, middle-class thinking, Catholic based, Latin
neighborhood with his college all-American athlete brother and his politically ambitious mother, is caught
between the expectations of that world and with who he really is inside...

STARRING: Micah Mora, Gabriel Chavarria, Marlene Forte, Justin Huen, Roberto Sanchez,

DIRECTED BY: Jorge Ortiz , Rocky Collins
Roberto joins the cast of the "Pilot" CHRIS/TINA.   OCT. 2011
'Death Valley' Poll: Is The War Between Humans And Vamps Finito?
Posted 18 hrs ago by Matthew Scott Donnelly (MTV) in Death Valley, Top TV Shows
Roberto just shot an episode of "Breakout Kings" in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. NOV/2011
On the set of "Breakout Kings" with Kevin Alejandro and Dir. Bobby Roth!
Really talented folks.
Stills from "LEVERAGE"!  Dec. 2011
Roberto will be co-producing and starring in a new web series called Borderline Coyotes. Created by: Victor Kelso and Exie Booker Three Brothers work as Coyotes for the biggest Mob Boss
in Los Angeles. This pack of Coyotes specializes in human smuggling. They bring people across the United States border from Mexico for a high price. But they are not the only Coyotes working for the Mob
Boss, when rival crews get involved, this brotherly love is faced with betrayal, revenge and greed.
Roberto doing some ADR for the show "Breakout Kings"!!  FEB 2012